Contract Manufacturing

Quality assurance

Quality through repairing?

No. The foundation for quality operations is created by developing and fine-tuning different processes. We use modern equipment that is continually renewed, which gives us an excellent basis for quality manufacturing processes. Our employees are skilled, professional and motivated. We train our staff continuously in order to provide our customers with the industry’s state-of-the-art expertise. In addition to various process inspections, a 100% visual inspection is conducted on all products produced.

In the largest production series we use AOI machinery (Automated Optical Inspection). Most of the products are also programmed and tested electronically according to the customer’s specification. If necessary, we also conduct condition tests (heat, cold, moisture). Quality and processes are measured continuously with internal and external measures, and reports on these are discussed regularly. The quality of production is specified to be equivalent to IPC-610-A class 2, and our operations are directed by a certified quality system ISO9001:2015.

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