Contract Manufacturing


MLB Electronics as a company

MLB Electronics Oy is a Finnish electronics contract manufacturer. The company is owned by the operating management, which guarantees complete commitment to comprehensive quality of operation. Our strengths are high quality, flexibility and quick lead times. We manufacture mounted printed circuit boards, cable harnesses and a variety of electromechanical assemblies. We have been one of Finland’s oldest contract manufacturers; the company was founded as early as 1977. At that time operations were started under the name M-L Backman Oy. In early 2005 the name was changed to better describe our operations to MLB Electronics Oy.

Our modern 1500m2 factory is located in Lohja, Finland, very close to Finnish national road 1. The distance to Helsinki is about 50 km and about 120 km to Turku. Our staff of over 40 professional and motivated employees, along with our continuously renewed machinery guarantees that we will continue to be able to serve our customers in the future.

Tarrantie 2-4, 08500 Lohja, FI | tel. +358 19 311 711 | fax. +358 19 335 434 |