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If you need electronics manufacturing services, don't hesitate to send a quote request to MLB Electronics Oy! We are based in Lohja, Finland. In order to ensure our collaboration gets off to a good start, we would like to ask you to go through the list below and attach the requested specifications and files to your request for quotation and send it via email. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Required documentation for quote requests

Bill of materials
A bill of materials defines all the parts and components to be assembled, and it details component type, place and number of items on the circuit board. All details have to be correct and unambiguous. The parts and components will be purchased based on the information on the bill of materials. 

Assembly drawings
Assembly drawings show the places, position and assembly rotation details of the components. They are used to verify the correctness and rotation, as different CAD programmes' component libraries may clash in terms of specification. 

Pick-and-place data
We use AEGIS CAD software for the assembly programmes. The assembly machine needs to know the location (coordinates) where the component is to be assembled and its position (angle). In addition, fiducial marks are required for the assembly machine. The best way to send this information to us is by exporting the native CAD file in ASCII format and sending it to us.

We are happy to help you with exporting the ASCII file.

GERBER files
GERBER files show the different layers of the PCB, and this is used to create the PCB and the solder paste stencil.

PCB specifications
Technical specifications of printed circuit board, materials used and the structure of the board. If you will be providing us with the boards, please also provide the specifications and/or let us know if there is anything unusual in the structure or design that might affect our choice of processes.

Additional product-specific instructions
All necessary additional instructions relating to, for example, the manufacturing, treatment, markings, delivery and components. Please also alert us to any issues you may have encountered in the past.

Your data will be kept strictly confidential and we will never pass it on to third parties. If you have any queries, please contact us, we are happy to help!

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