Contract Manufacturing

Final assembly and cable harnesses

In addition to mounted PCBs we manufacture a variety of device assemblies, partial assemblies or final devices and cable harnesses. In a typical operating model in the manufacturing of a device there is a basic version and several different variations of it. The final version or model of the product to be delivered is determined only at the last moment when the end customer orders it. We have found that the best way to deal with these situations is to keep a stock of semi-finished products, such as PCBs and different kinds of parts of the final assembly as components.

When the order arrives, we can quickly deliver exactly what the customer wants. By outsourcing their own manufacturing, many of our customers have freed up their resources for their core competencies, such as selling and marketing the products and developing new ones. This trend has been growing particularly fast in recent years, and we have responded to the growing demand by increasing our production facilities.

For manufacturing cable harnesses we have a cutting and stripping machine for cables and a variety of hand tools.

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