Contract Manufacturing

Material and logistics

100% delivery reliability, possible?

Yes, that is our unconditional goal. In addition to production, the management of material flows plays a large role. The extensive experience and professional skill of our buyers, a tireless monitoring of delivery, and receiving inspections combined with a fine-tuned ERP system guarantee that materials are received on time and that they satisfy our customers’ requirements. We have a comprehensive network of electronics, metal and plastics suppliers around the world. Keeping a stock of materials, semi-finished products or finished products according to an agreement ensures that our customers’ deliveries leave on time.

The conditions of our factories, such as humidity and temperature, are monitored continuously. Components that are particularly sensitive to moisture are stored in vacuum packs in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. If needed, we can package finished products into customer packages including instruction manuals and supplies, and deliver them directly to the end user. Operating models and agreements are always customized to meet the needs of each individual customer. However, we naturally can not predict the sales of all products; instead in this case we operate on an order-delivery principle one project at a time.

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